Dungeon Mastering Video Guides


  • DM Block - Welcome to the Dungeon Master’s Block the place where we focus on the dungeon master, the most important person in the game.

  • Role Initiative Podcast - Podcast by Tribality's A.A. Amirault with advice for DM, interviews and more.

  • The Iconic Podcast - A podcast about all things 13th Age

  • The RPG Academy - A podcast about Role Playing Games with interviews, actual play and more.

  • The Tome Show - A D&D News, Reviews, Interviews, and Advice show

  • Total Party Thrill - Total Party Thrill is a podcast for GMs and players where we discuss our campaigns in order to inspire yours.

POD PlayCasts

  • Adventures from the Shed - Started off playing D&D 5e Starter Set, moving onto Dungeon World.

  • Call of the Wild - D&D 5e (Video) - Well edited video of 5th edition one-shot.

  • Campaign Podcast - Small, consistent group of Chicago nerds get together to record role-playing games. Currently playing Star Wars Edge of Empire.

  • Critical Hit - Long running and high quality podcast by the crew at

  • Critical Role - Geek & Sundry (Video) - Voice actor Matthew Mercer leads a group of fellow voice actors on their epic D&D 5e Campaign.

  • D&D's Official Twitch Channel - D&D - Dice, Camera, Action @ Tu 4 - 6 PM (PDT)

  • D20 Babes (Video) - YouTube recording of live D&D 5e actual play on Twitch

  • DnDUI - Great How to Play 5th edition podcasts and interesting characters and world

  • Godsfall - An actual play DungeonsAndDragons podcast following a group of D&D 5e players in a custom campaign.

  • Knights of the Night - Actual play sessions of a long standing group of friends.

  • Nerd Poker - Group of funny people lead by Brian Posehn gather to play D&D each week.

  • One Shot Podcast - Groups playing one shots using rules including Pathfinder, ROBO FORCE!, Dracula Dossier, Feng Shui and more.

  • Pretend Wizards - A D&D Podcast

  • RPGENTLEMENT: The Kain Campaign - At the top of the world, in the icy land of the Kain empire, a clover-loving hermit, a pretty-boy charlatan, a trust-fund barbarian, and a sentient pile of trash find themselves tasked with saving the fishing village of Undercurrent. This is their story.

  • The Adventure Zone - A campaign of high adventure. Join the McElroys as they find their fortune and slay an unconscionable number of ... you know, kobolds or whatever in .

  • The Formal Gamer - Three friends play Dungeons and Dragons. They battle, and run and laugh. Mainly laugh.

  • The RPG Academy - A podcast about Role Playing Games with interviews, actual play and more.

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