Полезные для D&D links

Since you asked about maps, here's what the good folk of this group have reccomended for map making programs.
You have programs that can create All kinds of maps World/area maps City maps Dungeon maps Free programs to draw it yourself (GIMP/Inkscape) Galleries of free or cheap premade maps Advice from pros
All kinds of maps Dungeonfog - still in alpha. Illwinter's Floorplan Generator - paid on Steam. Does building and area level terrain.…/Illwinters_Floorplan_Gener…/ Hexographer. Paid program. Daves Mapper - Free website Campaign Cartographer 3 - Paid program that has many modules for various kinds of maps. D20 Pro - 30 day trial, paid after that Powered VTT - paid but has some free assets. Otherworld Mapper, paid program. Unreal engine - 2d and 3d maps. Steep learning curve, but powerful. Mapforge. In alpha, will have paid liscences. Autorealm - free Arkenforge - paid program,
World/area maps: Inkarnate, free but must sign in, website Gozzy's, Free random wilderness maps Roll for Fantasy Free website Fractal Mapper, Paid program Worldspinner - free, but auto generates Hexkit - purchase tiles on DTRPG
City Maps Medieval fantasy city generator, free, but random only Oskarstalberg free but random only Free but random only…/random-city-map-generator/ Cityographer - some free assets.
Dungeon/building Maps Donjon - random maps only, free, website Hobbyte - isometric maps, pay to download program Dungeon Painter Studio - purchase through Steam…/592…/Dungeon_Painter_Studio/ Arcane Mapper - purchase through steam Pro DnD Dungeon Creator - paid app through google play, has some free functions.… 3D Virtual Tabletop - paid website, some free functions TIAMAT tile mapper. Free website. Random inn floorplan generator -…/random-inn-generator-floorplan/ Pymapper Pyromancers RPG Maker - creates 8 bit maps. Paid content on Steam Square hex Paid maps Anamap free website RP tools free website Dungeonographer, free and paid versions. Roll for Fantasy, free website.
DIY GIMP, essentially free Photoshop. You can take google maps or other images and alter them in GIMP. Very powerful, but the learning curve is steep. Inkscape, essentially free Adobe Illustrator. Very powerful, but the learning curve is steep.