System Reference


Encounter builder tool with list D&D 5e Monsters with advanced filters and to target for number of players and party level.

Encounter generator with ability to set difficulty, environment and more.

Spell Lists

Shops and Equipment

Unearthed Arcana Lists

DM Tips, Tricks, and Tools

Bad formatting, but the advice is helpful. Just copy and paste it somewhere.

Giant In The Playground forums! All about tabletop roleplaying, and a huge community. Not to be missed!

Many articles about different RPG designs, RPG theories, Indie RPGs, etc... I didn't read through it, but it looks massively interesting.

A couple of articles on stances (Author, Actor and Director). I didn't take the time to explore the website yet, but it looks good.

I use this when i have an idea but feel it is not interesting enough. Enter the Trope.

Masterplan has been my go-to thing when I want to design a long series of events, creating a quick flowchart


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